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ARTICLE : What are Twin Flames?

Dernière mise à jour : 1 juil. 2020

What are the twin flames, why the twin flames, the twin flame way ...

Important encounters are planned by the souls, long before the bodies see each other.” Paulo Coelho was right. The soul is the cradle of every story. Grab your soul and you will have a true understanding of your existence.

Twin Flame Identity:

In the beginning, the twin flames form an ovoid of divine Essence that spreads and radiates. They bathe in a cocoon of unconditional love out of time, out of everything. They are born from this same cosmic egg. They sign a tripartite contract with the Source aiming to find themselves on Earth and to assume their divine missions, namely to spread divine love.

Imagine the tàijí (Yin and Yang), a representation of this duality forming the whole. This tàijí will split into two poles: a yang pole (sacred masculine) and the yin pole (sacred feminine. Generally called Chaser and Runner, the Chaser will live the abandonment wound and the Runner will live the rejection wound.

It says that the Chaser is having the Yang pole and the Runner is having the Yin pole.

Be careful as every rules there are exceptions. it can be reversed.

Why this split? To experience duality. Yes, but what duality? Their own duality and that of the outside world.

The time has come for them to assume their divine responsibilities explicitly written in their celestial contracts. They are incarnated on earth thus crossing several lives, accumulating a heavy karmic weight. Become old souls, they will be found only in last incarnation to diffuse this cosmic love and to be able to awaken consciences.

The twin flame process is a journey that reveals us to ourselves first and foremost. The twin flames are magnetic mirrors. The other allows us to see what is wrong with us and highlights all the shadows in us. It is then a question of transforming the shadow into light until finding: unity in oneself. It is by conjugating with your Higher Self that you will arrive at this completeness.

The multitude of misinformation on the web seems to have created a phenomenon of "false twin flames". Many people seem to have met their TF, whereas often it is a love affair or a toxic relationship. We must be careful to disentangle the true from the false. It's up to you to take only what resonates in you. The twin flame way is an extremely challenging course.

A Twin Flame relationship upsets you and changes your existence forever. There is a before and an after. As soon as your other crosses your path, time does not exist anymore. You take a step in this incredible adventure that is the path of enlightenment. You will not come out unscathed but you will reach the heart of the great Beloved: unconditional love.

For example: Jesus and Mary Magdalene perfectly embody the divine union of twin flame that has spread divine love. However, they were located at a level of consciousness much higher than the average and were literally exploding vibratory counters ...

The key to the success of this journey is faith. She must remain steadfast.

The twin flame process is a journey that reveals us to ourselves first and foremost. The twin flames are magnetic mirrors. The other allows us to see what is wrong with us and highlights all the shadows in us. It is then a question of transforming the shadow into light until finding: unity in oneself. It is by conjugating with your Higher Self that you will arrive at this completeness.

How is a Twin Flames process:


The two souls were separated for many lives. They are finally at their last incarnation. Occur the meeting. Rationally, it is by no means a love at first sight. It is an encounter that intrigues above all. A strange feeling of familiarity, of "déjà-vu". A feeling that can not find words.

One feels the presence of the other without seeing it. The soul, sees. One is pushed towards the other without being able to explain it. We lose control of his thought. The other is there, in our minds, without asking permission to be there. The two souls may not recognize each other immediately. It can take days, months or even years. Recognition occurs once both souls are ready to live this process.

Note that the process of twin flames has accelerated since 2012. Fateful world date and new era.

Why does this affect the twin flames? In the Resonance of Schumann, we hit the "Zero Point" at the end of 2012, since then, the time continues to accelerate. Which inevitably speeds up twin flame processes.


It is an eternal moment, straight from heaven. It's the time T. It's the unspeakable. The recognition of both souls will for the most part result in a look or a gesture. The saying "Eyes are the mirror of the soul" takes on all its meaning here. We will see its own reflection and we will plunge into the abyss of the unknown, that of the divine. The ego panics, the body panics, the dimensions are superimposed on ourselves and outside us. It is inexplicable and unexplained. Something immense is happening in ourselves. These feelings can be translated in addition to vertigo, dizziness, tremors. You have just fallen inside the Universe in a matter of seconds. The look of the other hypnotizes you and caresses you. You are being infused with unconditional love.

The first time the twin flames are found, they are branded with a hot iron. They are impregnated one for the other and this for eternity. They settle in the heart of each other and do not move. There is no way to cancel this process. We do not think about each other anymore. We live with each other.


The twin flames are like magnets. When they meet again, unconsciously they keep getting closer physically. The particularity of twin flames is based on this notion of "time" already mentioned above. There is no time between the two polarities. Three hours are transformed in 10 minutes. The vital needs are set aside. Sexuality is put in parenthesis. The presence of the other is enough to spread immeasurable happiness. To be together is all that matters. The most beautiful conversations are in silence. The heart speaks, the eyes respond.

Most of them have a similar life course with significant differences. They are both similar and complementary.

These two souls will live in a bubble subconsciously recreating their celestial cocoon: out of time, out of reality, filled with unconditional love. But the ego will not know how to treat, because precisely this love is not conditioned. Will come all sorts of fears but above all that of rejection for male polarity and the fear of abandonment for female polarity.

The relationship is brief and separation occurs very quickly. The relationship is too intense, love intertwines with fears, karmic weight, the only possible outcome is to stop everything. Passage forced and inevitable. Often, it is the male polarity that generates this approach. Drowned in this flood of emotions, he fled. It's his only protection. It is then that the two souls relive the original separation.


The separation marks the beginning of the "Dark Night Of the Soul". The dark night of the soul plunges you into the meanders of your soul. In the darkest darkness. It is lived as an amputation of oneself. You are deprived of a part of yourself. The pain hurts. Very bad. The ego will then look for all kinds of ways to heal and anesthetize this acute pain that is at the level of the soul. But nothing works. You are constantly struck by this original tear. The heart is hurting. The spirit is hurting. The flesh is hurting. You are in a state of extreme lack, thus starting an atrocious weaning period. Only. Death. The world is falling apart and you can not do anything. At this point, you are a soulless human being. All you have left is your egotistical self to live. He seeks by all means to compensate and live this life without flavors. Your soul has gone out.

The only solution is fatality. We must let go and let ourselves fall into this endless tsunami and endure every suffering.

Pamela Kribbe perfectly describes this step: "If we look at the situation from an earthly point of view, we could say that you want to die because life is intolerable. From the point of view of the soul, you are dead and the experience is so unbearable that you would do everything you can to get yourself out of this situation. "

There is this feeling of wanting to go home. Heavenly home. But the dark night of the soul is not there for nothing. Both carry the accumulated karmic weight for all their different lives. They must clean all their wounds. It is an absolute necessity. Your world is falling apart, you must rebuild it now.

For that, it is imperative that the two souls separate and work each one on their side. Why ? To find the unit. This is the primary purpose of twin flame. They must fill this void. Empty that was reactivated at the meeting and explodes after separation. The dark night of the soul is considered a spiritual crisis where all the dogmas and beliefs are destroyed in order to let in its truth. That which is hidden deep inside each one of us. At this stage of the relationship, we still do not know the concept of twin flames. Understand that the revelation of twin flames falls on you. We are not trying to live this relationship.

As soon as the ego is exhausted by all these forces, the soul takes its breath with the help of the heart to allow the body to rise. You then enter a path that you do not suspect strewn with heavenly messages that will allow you to find your own truth. Then start a quest towards yourself. The two souls begin a passionate and passionate passionate dance towards completeness. They will cross, move away, meet again, disappear until they are aligned vibratory to meet.


The relationship is then put on hold. If at first the separation is perceived as a curse, it is actually a blessing. You are gradually reborn from your ashes. The Source offers each polarity the possibility to enter a larger dimension. The masks fall, the truth breaks out and each polarity is revealed in its most beautiful version of itself. It's the return to authenticity.

Of course, there are still fears and doubts, and it is in that, that you remain human beings and that you are different from beings of enlightenment.

The feminine polarity, also called awake soul, is the first to raise awareness of the bond. This polarity will then open fully to the spiritual path and often can develop gifts: clairvoyance, mediumship, intuition .. From the beginning of his quest, she will try to understand this phenomenon that does not fit into any social space. The soul awake first, wants to understand. She needs to understand.

Male polarity will turn off his emotions to protect herself. She makes a pact with silence. At first, it closes because its pain, unconscious, is colossal. This polarity carries much of the karmic weight which makes it very vulnerable. The Source will force her to face the problem, but she will close her blinders so as not to see. The more she will resist, the more she will take the karmic wrath that will force her to wake up. This polarity takes longer to make the link aware, but once aware, the ascent can then become very fast.

It is then that enlightenment occurs gradually for both. The two being twin, they work by communicating vessels. Do not forget that you are mirrors. If one of them suffers, the other suffers. You vibrate the positive, your twin will be the positive. It can happen then to feel emotions that do not belong to you. That's why it's important to work self-love. If you do not love each other, you do not like each other since the other is you.

It is said that time heals wounds and allows you to forget. For twin souls, the process is different. The more time passes, the more love you have for your other, growing up. This process can take months or even years. Once the two souls are cleansed, purified and stable, reunion is possible. Only time will give the answers.

Once you feel filled internally, it is the state of grace. Everything is fine in the best of all worlds. Your productivity is increased tenfold: you create, invent, design. You are aligned with you and with the Source. The heart, the soul and the spirit go in the same direction. You are in absolute light.


When the two souls reach their completeness they vibrate at the same frequency. The twins are on the same "wavelength". Their destinies meet again and the meeting is then possible. Between shyness and envy, it is gently that the cosmic twins meet. It is also considered for the soul as a new starting point. A new meeting. The two souls learn to re-know each other, to discover each other again. They are the same but are no longer the same.

From there, they write together the rest of their destinies. They continue this path together. They climb together. They use their full potential developed throughout their journey and articulate their lives around the unconditional Love. Initially, they must adjust to each other. But once adjusted, the twins radiate light throughout the world. Trust, love, sincerity, peace, wholeness, mutual aid and creation are their pillars. They are the perfect couple.


This stage of the process is rarer but it is more likely to happen. Once the two souls have fully adjusted their energies, they merge. It's the Holy Grail.

Their energies ignite and give birth to a third energy: a divine energy. Occurs the awakening of the Kundalini. It is in this sense that the equation: 1 + 1 = 3 makes perfect sense. The sacred couple radiates. He vibrates very high and thus allows his scale to transform the shadow into light and raise the consciousness around them. Sometimes on a planetary level.

The twin flames will then sow celestial seeds together throughout this last incarnation and thus return home, up there, to guide the next souls on Earth.

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