Charlotte Aftassi

ARTICLE : What are Twin Flames?

Dernière mise à jour : 1 juil. 2020

What are the twin flames, why the twin flames, the twin flame way ...

Important encounters are planned by the souls, long before the bodies see each other.” Paulo Coelho was right. The soul is the cradle of every story. Grab your soul and you will have a true understanding of your existence.

Twin Flame Identity:

In the beginning, the twin flames form an ovoid of divine Essence that spreads and radiates. They bathe in a cocoon of unconditional love out of time, out of everything. They are born from this same cosmic egg. They sign a tripartite contract with the Source aiming to find themselves on Earth and to assume their divine missions, namely to spread divine love.

Imagine the tàijí (Yin and Yang), a representation of this duality forming the whole. This tàijí will split into two poles: a yang pole (sacred masculine) and the yin pole (sacred feminine. Generally called Chaser and Runner, the Chaser will live the abandonment wound and the Runner will live the rejection wound.

It says that the Chaser is having the Yang pole and the Runner is having the Yin pole.

Be careful as every rules there are exceptions. it can be reversed.

Why this split? To experience duality. Yes, but what duality? Their own duality and that of the outside world.

The time has come for them to assume their divine responsibilities explicitly written in their celestial contracts. They are incarnated on earth thus crossing several lives, accumulating a heavy karmic weight. Become old souls, they will be found only in last incarnation to diffuse this cosmic love and to be able to awaken consciences.

The twin flame process is a journey that reveals us to ourselves first and foremost. The twin flames are magnetic mirrors. The other allows us to see what is wrong with us and highlights all the shadows in us. It is then a question of transforming the shadow into light until finding: unity in oneself. It is by conjugating with your Higher Self that you will arrive at this completeness.

The multitude of misinformation on the web seems to have created a phenomenon of "false twin flames". Many people seem to have met their TF, whereas often it is a love affair or a toxic relationship. We must be careful to disentangle the true from the false. It's up to you to take only what resonates in you. The twin flame way is an extremely challenging course.

A Twin Flame relationship upsets you and changes your existence forever. There is a before and an after. As soon as your other crosses your path, time does not exist anymore. You take a step in this incredible adventure that is the path of enlightenment. You will not come out unscathed but you will reach the heart of the great Beloved: unconditional love.

For example: Jesus and Mary Magdalene perfectly embody the divine union of twin flame that has spread divine love. However, they were located at a level of consciousness much higher than the average and were literally exploding vibratory counters ...